Winter Car Safety for Children


Winter can be a wonderland for children, but it poses risks as far as the safety of children are concerned, especially when young children are in motor vehicles. No matter where you are with your child and no matter what activity your child is participating in, the safety of your child is the number one priority. This is the case if you are playing ball outside, if you are at an indoor gym, and if your child is in a motor vehicle.

We should all be aware of the risks associated with children being left in cars during the hot summer months. Doing so can quickly result in serious consequences like heatstroke, and, sadly, even fatal consequences. People may not realize it, but winter can be just as deadly when a child is left in an unattended car. Children are more susceptible to injury from cold weather and any amount of time a child is left alone in an automobile could result in dire consequences.

There are additional dangers involving children and cars during the winter season. It is not only very important to protect children from the frigid temperatures, but it is just as important to make sure they are properly placed in their car seat given their size and age. The biggest concern when buckling a child up during the winter is the bulk of the clothes they are wearing, especially the child’s coat. The extra bulk can create more room in the harness, which can cause a loose for the system. Parents may, therefore, want to choose lightweight layers like fleece instead of a single puffy jacket to make sure that the harness fits snugly. Once a child is properly harnessed, you can place a blanket on them for added warmth, or you can put a coat on backward over them.

Because roadside emergencies happen during the winter and because winter weather can make things dangerous for everyone, it is a good idea to keep an emergency kit in your car, including blankets, a mobile telephone charger, food, and water.

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