Unsafe Conditions
Can Put You or Your
Family at Risk.
Unsafe Conditions
Can Put You or Your
Family at Risk.

Awards & Settlements

Lifetime Payout for Day Care Injury Could Top $3 Million

A day care center accident that blinded one eye of a 22-month old child and that “could have and should been prevented,” has been settled with guaranteed payouts over the boy’s lifetime in the amount of $1.2 million, and an expected life payout of $3.1 million.

Expert witnesses enlisted by the law firm of Liever, Hyman & Potter countered the assertion of staff members that the child injured himself playing with a harmless toy train.

“Two of the three staff members had no formal training in child care, and each of them provided a different account as to what exactly the child was doing at the time of his injury,” explained attorneys from the law firm, which conducted an extensive investigation. “The child’s treating physician, a renowned pediatric ophthalmologist, has clearly stated that it is not plausible that the toy train could have caused the injury suffered by the child.”

The law firm also consulted with and hired a Rehabilitation Counselor and life care planner, an economist, and a child safety expert, to review the facts and circumstances surrounding the tragedy and provide expert testimony on the child’s behalf.

Huge Falling Tree Which Was Rotted And Fell On Client Results In $2,000,000 Settlement

A $2,000,000.00 settlement was earned on behalf of a 21 year old client who was severely injured when a tree fell during a thunderstorm. Liever, Hyman & Potter successfully asserted that a landscaping service hired by a local borough failed to properly perform inspections and ensure that unsafe trees were properly maintained to withstand thunderstorm winds. Nationally renowned experts on Forestry and Weather were retained to prove the improper actions. Day in the Life videos and Lifetime Care Assessments were prepared so the jury could appreciate all of the harm suffered by our client who endured a spinal cord injury.

Over One Million Dollars Recovered for Shattered Ankle in Construction Accident

A 37 year old construction worker was descending a temporary staircase on a building site when the staircase suddenly collapsed, causing him to fall and shatter his ankle. We were able to prove that a support for the staircase had been removed, with the result that it was only a matter of time before the staircase collapsed. We obtained a settlement of 1.1 million dollars.

Woman on Motorcycle Severely Injured by Overhanging Tree Branch

A man and woman passenger were riding on a motorcycle at night. As they rode down a country road, the passenger was struck in the face by an overhanging branch, causing massive facial injuries. From the owner of the property on which the tree was located, we recovered a $500,000 policy limit. We also won $450,000 from the township responsible for maintaining the road and trimming overhanging trees. The total recovery for our client was in the amount of $950,000.

Ladder Accident Results in $900,000 Settlement

A construction worker was on the job when the fiberglass stepladder on which he was standing collapsed, shattering his heel. We won a settlement of $900,000.

“Not-So-Trivial” Pavement Defect Lands Trip Victim $165,000 Settlement

Attorneys at Liever, Hyman & Potter successfully challenged the “trivial defect” doctrine, which holds that small pavement inconsistencies of less that 1-1/4″ cannot be the basis for recovery in a trip and fall lawsuit. Representing a woman who had broken her nose and arm after stumbling on a 3/4″ rise at the top of a set of concrete steps, the attorneys argued that the location of the problem did not afford the victim an adequate chance to recover and avoid her fall, which is a key rationale of the trivial defect defense.

Injury During Parking Lot Attack Results in $100,000 Settlement

On her way to work one morning, a young woman was robbed in a parking lot. As she tried to fight off her assailant, she suffered a leg injury. Our investigation found that the parking lot gate was inoperative, so it was left open. The robber was never apprehended, but we obtained a settlement of $100,000 from the owner of the parking lot.

Jury Verdict in Favor of Son in Lawsuit Against His Parents

Our client went to his parents’ house to help them nail roofing shingles on a new porch his parents had designed and built themselves. Unfortunately, the porch roof was not adequately attached to the existing house and pulled away, causing our client to fall and injure his knee. The parents’ insurance company refused to offer anything because they didn’t believe a jury would ever find in favor of a child in a lawsuit against his parents. The jury did find in favor of our client and against both his mom and dad, and awarded him $75,000.

Jury Verdict for Slip and Fall on Ice at Gas Pumps

Our client slipped on ice at a service station when he got out of his car to pump gas, injuring his shoulder. The station had recently installed a canopy that leaked over the pumps, which resulted in a clear patch of ice forming next to the pumps. The attendant, who described has job as “sitting in a booth” admitted that he knew of the ice. The jury awarded our client $75,000.

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