Truck Accidents
are Complex Cases.
We Can Help.
Truck Accidents
are Complex Cases.
We Can Help.

Awards & Settlements

Trucking Crash in multiple vehicle pileup leads to $3,500,000 settlement

An innocent parent died and we pursued a wrongful death case against a trucking company and shipper. Our lawyers litigated through a bankruptcy filing by the trucker and numerous attempts to move the case out of Berks County, but we were successful in keeping the case here and successfully reaching a settlement just before trial. Our trial team assisted the Berks County District Attorney’s office in the successful prosecution of the truck driver for recklessly causing this tragic death.

Reckless trucker with a prior DUI crashes into parked car resulting in a $2,000,000 recovery

This successful settlement was achieved against a construction company when one of its drivers slammed a heavy duty work truck into a parked vehicle in which our client was a passenger. We proved both physical injuries and also brain damage that harmed our client for life. Our trial team also assisted the Berks County District Attorney’s office in the successful prosecution of the reckless truck driver who plead guilty to his crimes.

$2,000,000 settlement for Construction Site worker’s permanent injury

A settlement was reached for an injured worker when he was placing work cones to alert traffic, and his hand was massively lacerated when a passing tractor trailer smashed into a flatbed construction truck. He had to endure several surgeries, and his ability to work and earn a living was drastically impaired. We also successfully handled and resolved his worker compensation claim arising from this work injury.

Nearly $1.5 Million Recovered for Accident Victim

A settlement of $1,450,000 has been recovered for a single mother whose car was struck by a bus. The young woman was waiting for traffic to clear in order to turn left into a parking lot. A large commercial bus traveling behind her failed to stop and swerved into the oncoming lane as the woman began her turn. The collision resulted in a serious head injury and multiple fractures. The victim was life-flighted by rescue helicopter to the nearest trauma hospital. After an extensive hospitalization, she was transferred home where she was immobilized in a hospital bed and required in-home health care, physical and occupational therapy.

Victim of Truck Collision Recovers $1.2 Million

The insurer for the driver of a truck that swerved to avoid rear-ending a school bus and collided with another vehicle has paid 1.2 million for the serious injuries suffered by the other driver. An investigation by the victim’s attorneys at Liever, Hyman & Potter determined that the truck driver was following the bus too closely. A trucking expert who was retained by the law firm was prepared to testify that if the driver had kept a proper distance between his truck and the bus, he could have brought his truck to a stop without hitting the bus and without crossing the centerline.

Over $1.2 Million Recovered for Head Injury Victim in Accident

On the way to work, a client was waiting for traffic to clear in order to turn left into a parking lot. A large commercial vehicle traveling behind the our client’s car failed to stop and swerved into the oncoming lane as our client attempted her turn. The terrible crash resulted in massive injuries including multiple fractures and a head injury. Settlement exceeded $1,200,000.

Truck Spills Load and Crushes Victim

A $1,100,000 settlement was obtained on behalf of a severely injured 73 year old retired home economics teacher. Our client suffered severe injury on Route 73 between Blandon and Oley, Pennsylvania when a dump truck coming in the opposite direction swerved into the oncoming lane of traffic and overturned and crushed our client’s car. Although the truck driver claimed that his actions were necessitated by the sudden unexpected stopping of a car in front of him, we were able to conduct an extensive investigation which completely undermined his defense. Our client suffered massive injuries including numerous fractures and underwent surgeries. She required both inpatient and rehabilitation care as well as home care. There were extensive medical bills paid by her health insurance which demanded that the payments be repaid out of the settlement. That demand was successfully contested and a lien by Medicare was dramatically reduced.

Cross-Over Accident Results in $900,000 Settlement

A 49-year-old unemployed laborer suffered multiple injuries when a beer truck crossed the center line and struck his vehicle. The insurer for the beer distributor paid $900,000 to compensate our client for his injuries.

Client Suffers Multiple Injuries in a Tractor Trailer Accident Resulting in a $750,000.00 Settlement

Our client worked part-time assisting disabled children on public school buses. By eyewitness testimony, we were able to establish that a tractor trailer was weaving in and out of traffic and came across the highway and struck our client’s car. Our middle-aged client had to be extricated from her car after the top was removed by emergency personnel. Our client continued to vividly recall the events which she felt certain would lead to her death. She required ongoing treatment for her post-traumatic head injury. She had a punctured lung, nine fractured ribs, a broken pelvis and a fractured left tibia and left arm. The client had a prolonged hospitalization and rehabilitation hospital stay in order to recuperate and although her physical injuries improved she had what was diagnosed as clear “post-traumatic stress disorder.” Her sleeping was disrupted and she had recurring nightmares. Although the insurance company initially denied the severity of the injuries, it ultimately agreed to pay $750,000.00 in settlement of our client’s claim.

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