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If you or one of your loved ones becomes injured because of another person’s negligence, it’s possible to receive full financial compensation. However, if you don’t have the assistance of the right attorney on your side, then the possibility of obtaining the compensation you need will be far less.

For a law firm that has experienced countless and very substantial successes since its founding in 1959, reach out to Liever Hyman & Potter! Our personal injury lawyers serving Lancaster, PA, families are second to none in the area and will strive to help you receive full compensation after an accident.

Knowledgeable Medical Malpractice Attorneys

Patients place their trust in the doctors and hospitals to heal their illnesses and injuries, but sometimes, healthcare providers are careless while administering care. Such negligence can result in serious harm that will cause you to seek compensation. Yet, without the necessary knowledge of the legal system and medical world, you will not be able to be compensated. Fortunately, our medical malpractice attorneys in Lancaster, PA, are knowledgeable in these matters and will help pursue a claim against a medical provider.

Dedicated Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

If your coworkers or the company you work for do not follow proper safety standards, then it’s possible you could sustain a serious injury while on the job. Should this scenario occur, then our personal injury lawyers serving Lancaster, PA, can help! There are many different kinds of injuries you can sustain while at work, whether it be from a dangerous substance or blunt force trauma, and our workers’ compensation attorneys in Lancaster, PA, are capable of representing you in court no matter what type of incident took place. In PA, you need not prove that your employer was at fault or that you were not at fault to collect compensation.

Skilled Car Accident Attorneys

Whether you’re traversing the country roads in Lancaster County or driving along the highway, a car accident can happen anywhere. Not only can another driver’s negligence inflict serious injuries on you and the occupants of your vehicle, but severe harm can prevent you from going to work or enjoying life to its fullest. If you were involved in a car accident, know that Liever Hyman & Potter’s car accident lawyers in Lancaster, PA, can use their legal expertise to your case.

Hard Working Wrongful Death Lawyers

Our personal injury lawyers serving Lancaster, PA, also assist residents of the area with wrongful death claims. If your loved one has passed away due to another’s negligence, compensation can be sought from the careless party. When our dedicated wrongful death attorneys in Lancaster, PA,  handle the case, you can have peace of mind knowing the claim is being handled by a thorough professional.

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Whenever you or a loved one needs a lawyer in the south central Pennsylvania area to help receive compensation for an injury, Liever Hyman & Potter’s personal injury lawyers serving Lancaster, PA, will be at your side every step of the way. If you have any questions about our services or would like to speak to one of our legal experts, don’t hesitate to contact our professional law firm today!

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