When Can You
Sue For Pain
And Suffering?
When Can You
Sue For Pain
And Suffering?

Work Injury Attorney Reading, PA, and Surrounding Areas

Despite contemporary safeguards, workplace accidents are an all too often occurrence. If you suffered an injury at work that was caused by the carelessness of anyone other than your employer, that party is subject to a civil lawsuit, and you can be compensated above and beyond the workers’ compensation benefits owed to you. Our firm has top on-the-job lawyers who are immediately available to assist you and take action on your behalf to protect your rights and obtain the compensation to which you are entitled. If you suffered an injury because of the negligence or carelessness of others, faulty or defective equipment, or poor safety management, call the law firm of Liever, Hyman & Potter. Our work injury attorneys in Reading, PA, will determine if you have a case and who is responsible for the injuries, deal with the parties and their insurance companies, and devote our expertise and resources to seeing that you get the award or settlement that you deserve.

We’re Among the Best Work Injury Lawyers For Pennsylvania Residents

Our dedicated workplace injury lawyers always fight to win in the name of justice. We provide our legal services to residents in the region and throughout Pennsylvania, including the following locations:
  • Reading
  • Pottsville
  • Berks County, PA
  • Montgomery County, PA
  • Schuylkill County, PA
  • Lebanon, PA
  • Lancaster, PA

Hard Working On-the-Job Injury Lawyers

Injuries sustained on the job can be life-altering and are oftentimes catastrophic. Work-related injuries frequently result from motor vehicle and truck accidents, construction accidents, malfunctioning and defective equipment, and the use of heavy equipment and other powered industrial trucks. Sometimes injuries even occur from explosions, spills, and exposure to chemicals. Our skilled work injury attorneys in Reading, PA, have considerable experience representing victims injured by these types of accidents.

Professional Work-Related Injury Lawyers

Because workers’ compensation benefits only partially replace your wages and do not pay for all the losses and damages caused by your injuries, in appropriate cases, our workplace injury lawyers can file a lawsuit on behalf of the injured worker — and his or her family — against the responsible person or company in order to more fully compensate them, by obtaining compensation for the pain and suffering of the injured worker as well as for disruption to the home life of the injured worker and his or her family. Our work injury lawyers in PA handle these types of cases on a regular basis.

Call Our Work Injury Attorneys in Reading, PA, Today

If you feel you have a workplace accident case, contact our work injury attorneys in Reading, PA. Our team can evaluate your case and undertake an appropriate investigation of the matter. You’ll pay us no money — not a cent — until we recover money for you, after which our contingent fee will be based on a percentage of the awards and settlement that will be clearly defined in the initial agreement to represent you. Unlike other law firms in Berks, Montgomery and Schuylkill County, PA, our agreement says that you will NOT have to repay any of the expenses that we may have advanced on your behalf unless we recover money for you. We’re more than just one of the best work injury lawyers in our area. The attorneys at Liever, Hyman, & Potter handle all aspects of work comp claims including denial of claims, lump sum settlements, disfigurement benefits, and reduction, termination, and modification cases. If you were injured while working and need a professional work injury attorney in Reading, PA, to help you obtain the compensation to which you are entitled, call the lawyers at Liever, Hyman & Potter today for further information and to schedule your consultation.
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