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Awards & Settlements

Partially Paralyzed Arm Results in $1,315,000.00 Motorcycle Settlement

A young man was operating his motorcycle and was driving home from work when a careless oncoming auto driver made a left turn directly in front of him causing a collision which severely injured our client’s brachial plexus in his shoulder of his dominant arm. He had been doing computer type work which required the use of his right arm and the injury was devastating to him. We fully documented his profound loss and entered into extensive settlement negotiations with the responsible insurance companies. We hired a vocational expert who performed a detailed disability analysis which was very helpful to our client. We were able to obtain primary liability insurance, excess liability insurance and underinsured motorist coverage with the full payout of all coverages in the amount of $1,315,000.00.

$1,040,000 Recovered for Brain Injury Resulting from Motorcycle Accident at Dangerous Intersection

A man was riding his motorcycle to a local bank on a Saturday morning, when he was struck by an auto that pulled out from a stop sign at a dangerous intersection. Our client, who was a factory worker, suffered a brain injury. The $1,040,000 settlement we won for him included the maximum that could be collected from the state, as well as from the municipality, as a result of improper highway design. We also obtained the policy limit from the negligent driver’s insurance company.

$1,000,000 + payout for motorcyclist who was cutoff on county highway

Settlement was reached for a motorcyclist who was injured when a van pulled out onto the highway directly in front of the motorcycle. Our client suffered serious injuries. Liability in the case was fiercely contested, however, our trial team secured a nationally famous accident reconstruction expert who used scientific evidence with computer enhanced graphics to prove the negligent conduct.

Attorneys Counter Defense Argument of Illegal Passing, Obtain $560,000+ Settlement for Injured Motorcyclist

A pickup truck and motorcycle collision has resulted in a total liability and underinsured recovery of $562,600. The pickup truck was stopped at the intersection and signaling a left turn when the driver of the truck observed an acquaintance in a parking lot to his right and began to turn right towards the lot, instead of left. In doing so, the pickup struck the cyclist who was passing on the paved shoulder on that side of the vehicle. The motorcyclist suffered a head injury. According to the motorcyclist’s attorneys at Liever, Hyman & Potter, “the defense argued that our client illegally passed on the right and was responsible for the accident. We were able to show that the applicable statute permits passing a turning vehicle on the right so long as you remain on the paved road surface or shoulder. Our client at all times was on the paved shoulder and was therefore not himself negligent.

Motorcycle Accident Settled for $1/2-million

A settlement of $500,000 has been announced on behalf of a motorcyclist who suffered neck, shoulder, arm and hand injuries in a collision with an automobile. The motorcyclist, who was in his late 50s at the time of the accident, was traveling straight when a motor vehicle attempted to turn left directly in front of him.

The victim was represented by Liever, Hyman & Potter, one of the leading personal injury law firms in Berks and Schuylkill counties.

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