A bird's eye view of Pottsville, Pennsylvania during the day.
A bird's eye view of Pottsville, Pennsylvania during the day.

Seasoned Personal Injury Lawyers Serving Pottsville, PA & The Surrounding Areas

After being injured due to someone else’s negligence, you’ll have to deal with more than just the pain. You will have to pay expensive medical bills, among other costs. This financial burden will compound with the emotional strain you experience, resulting in a confusing and stressful time. However, if your injury was caused by another’s negligence, then there is a way to receive full compensation.

Liever Hyman & Potter’s personal injury lawyers in Pottsville, PA, will help with our extensive legal experience so you can obtain the necessary compensation. When you place your trust in our legal team, you’re entrusting your case with a firm that has experience serving the central Pennsylvania area since 1959 (over 60 years!).

Experienced Medical Malpractice Attorneys

Healthcare professionals have a responsibility to treat their patients with high-quality care, but there are times when they fail to be careful. The wrongful errors of doctors and care providers can be detrimental to the health of their patients, resulting in additional injuries and hospital time. Should this scenario ever happen to you, understand that our medical malpractice attorneys in Pottsville, PA, can and will fight for your personal injury claim.

Knowledgeable Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Liever Hyman & Potter’s personal injury lawyers for Pottsville, PA, residents can also come to your aid should you sustain any injuries while at work. Workplaces can be filled with a variety of hazards, from dangerous machinery to caustic chemicals, and if your company isn’t following proper safety protocol, it can result in painful injuries. With our workers’ compensation attorneys in Pottsville, PA, at your side, you’ll rest easy knowing that an experienced legal expert is handling your case. Additionally, in PA, you need not prove that your employer was at fault or that you were not at fault to collect compensation.

Committed Car Accident Attorneys

Unfortunately, automobile crashes are common on both major roads like Route 61 or on smaller backroads. Regardless of where they occur, they can leave victims burdened with debt that will be challenging to address. However, with the assistance of one of our car accident lawyers in Pottsville, PA, you’ll be able to receive the full compensation you need. If you’re having difficulty coming to our firm in person, then our personal injury lawyers in Pottsville, PA, can visit you at your home.

Wrongful Death Lawyers That Fight To Win

The death of a loved one will always be devastating, especially when it is unexpected. You may be unsure of how to move forward due to the grief and confusion you experience, but with our wrongful death attorneys in Pottsville, PA, on your side, there’s less reason to worry about the financial hardship. We’ll strive to help your family receive the compensation it deserves if another’s negligence takes the life of your loved one.

Call Liever Hyman & Potter For Your Personal Injury Case

Whether you were injured by another driver, broke a limb while working, or received the wrong treatment at a hospital, our personal injury lawyers for Pottsville, PA, families can help address your medical bills through our legal expertise. To learn why Liever Hyman & Potter is one of the best and most dependable personal injury law firms in the region, or to begin scheduling a free appointment, contact our experienced law firm today!

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