Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Football season is in full swing and there is much discussion about concussions as the NFL pays more attention to head injuries.

Concussion is defined as a blow to the head or neck interrupting brain function. It is considered a mild form of traumatic brain injury. Typically, the player is dazed but has not lost consciousness.

Brain injury is also in the news because of the continuing conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, where our troops are sustaining severe injuries from improvised explosive devices (IEDs). In many cases, the head injuries are caused by the blast effects alone, and are not “penetrating” head wounds resulting from shrapnel.

As motor vehicle accident lawyers, we often see mild “concussion” type injuries, and, unfortunately, more dangerous moderate and severe traumatic brain injuries, which may have lifelong consequences. At Liever, Hyman & Potter, we have access to neurologic and neuropsychological specialists who can determine the severity of these injuries and address the long term consequences.

Written by Ed Houseman

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