Tell Congress to Revoke Corporations’ License to Steal!

Do you know what is hidden in the fine print of contracts you routinely “agree” to?  Chances are you have signed away your right to access the courtroom and didn’t even know it!  Congress can stop this, but you have to tell them to act!

Included in everything from credit card, cell phone and nursing home contracts to employee handbooks and online user agreements are dangerous forced arbitration clauses that take away your right to go to court.  Instead you are forced into a private arbitration tribunal designed by the very corporation you have a dispute against. The process is secretive, costly and rigged so that corporations cannot be held accountable!  Forced arbitration grants corporations a license to steal and cheat.

Act now to stop this abusive practice! Today Congress reintroduced the Arbitration Fairness Act of 2013.  Tell your Senators and Representative that this legislation is important to their constituents.

The ability of ordinary Americans to seek justice in our courts, even when up against the most powerful corporate interests, is an essential part of our democracy.  When consumers lose access to the courts, corporations can get away with the worst!

Tell your Members of Congress to protect their constituents from abusive forced arbitration by cosponsoring the “Arbitration Fairness Act” to restore our rights to seek justice in the courts. Take Action Now!

Justice is not taken for granted at Liever, Hyman & Potter.  Our clients in Berks County, Schuylkill County and in the rest of Central and Eastern Pennsylvania from Reading, Pottsville, Pottstown, Lebanon, Harrisburg, Lancaster and other local communities look to us for guidance in aggressively pursuing their claims. From the desk of John R. Badal, President of the firm.

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