Pennsylvania Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Have you ever been involved in a motorcycle accident in Berks County or Schuylkill County? As we all know, bike accidents take place throughout Pennsylvania and across the country. By reviewing the state’s motorcycle statistics, you’ll have a better understanding of the serious safety risks associated with riding a motorcycle. Before you take your first ride of 2022, take a moment to learn motorcycle accident statistics for Pennsylvania.

United States Motorcycle Accident Statistics

In order to fully appreciate Pennsylvania’s motorcycle accident statistics, it’s important to know how they compare to national motorcycle accident statistics. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that more than 5,000 people die in a motorcycle crash each year on average. Additionally, the NHTSA has also reported that individuals are 27 times more likely to lose their lives in a motorcycle collision than car occupants per square mile.

Pennsylvania Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Motorcycle riders face a significant chance of being injured on a bike every year. But how does Pennsylvania compare to national averages with regards to motorcycle accident fatalities? There have been nearly 179 fatal motorcycle crashes in Pennsylvania each year in the past five years. Some years were higher than others, with 2020 experiencing 215 fatal crashes out of the 3,398 motorcycle accidents that year.

Statistics from recent years support the findings that individuals are more likely to be fatally injured in a motorcycle incident. In 2018, motorcycle accidents made up 2.1% of all automobile crashes in Pennsylvania. Although those injured riding a motorcycle make up a small percentage of vehicle collisions, 14.4% percent of all fatal crashes in 2018 resulted from a motorcycle accident. Statistics from 2020 show that the dangers of riding motorcycles haven’t diminished, as 93.4% of all motorcycle accidents resulted in either the injury or death of the rider. 

Causes of Motorcycle Crashes

One of the most significant factors for the occurrence of motorcycle accidents is the actions made by car and truck drivers and not the motorcyclists themselves. Some of the problems caused by drivers that contribute to the high motorcycle accident and injury rates are as follows:

  • According to a study, nearly 60% of crashes were caused by perception issues the driver was having. For riders, it happens around 30% of the time.
  • Aggressive drivers, who tailgate or speed on the highway, don’t have enough time to slow down and react, making them prone to causing accidents, especially when it comes to motorcycles.
  • Decision-based failures account for roughly 40% of accidents caused by drivers, whereas it happens less with motorcycle riders.
  • Drivers who don’t look before merging into another lane are another cause.
  • Drunk drivers and tired drivers alike are dangerous to motorcycle riders due to their impaired functions.

A motorcyclist’s reaction and comprehension failures are both frequent causes of accidents, and riders injured in a motorcycle crash who weren’t wearing a helmet are more likely to die. It’s that simple. In half of the 179 yearly deaths that took place on average in Pennsylvania, the riders weren’t wearing their helmets. Further, 42.9% of those who died from their injuries in a motorcycle accident during 2020 were not wearing a helmet at the time. This is a clear indicator that fatalities are more likely for riders who don’t wear a helmet during their ride.

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