Illinois House unanimously passes measure to improve nursing home care

From the desk of John Badal, Liever, Hyman & Potter, nursing home abuse and nursing home neglect lawyers.

The Chicago Tribune (5/7, Garcia) reports, “House lawmakers unanimously approved legislation Thursday that would sharply raise the standards of care and safety in Illinois’ troubled nursing homes. The measure was embraced by Democrats and Republicans alike, and was sent to the Senate on a 118-0 vote, where the plan is expected to be met with similar support.” Notably, the “proposal would require nursing homes to increase staffing levels, meet higher standards before admitting patients with serious mental illness, and segregate the most dangerous residents in secure units where they would receive more intensive monitoring and treatment.” The Tribune adds, “Overall, the bill is designed to move thousands of mentally disabled people out of the homes and into less costly and more effective community treatment programs.”

We must do more to protect our nu rsing home residents in Pennsylvania. They have a right to the best care and the right to live out their lives with dignity. Unfortunately, the law firm of Liever, Hyman & Potter deals on a regular basis with families whose members have been the subject of nursing home neglect and nursing home  abuse in Berks County, PA and in Schuy lkill County, PA. We do what we can. We must all do more.

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