Honda, Nissan, Toyota and Mazda Announce Recall of More Than 3 Million Vehicles to Fix Air Bag Problem

According to the Washington Post (Published April 11, 2012) and the Washington D.C.-based Center for Auto Safety (CAS) (Press Release dated 04/11/2013),  Honda, Toyota, Nissan and Mazda are recalling about 3.3 million vehicles worldwide because the passenger-side air bag could deploy with too much force, sending shards of metal into the passenger area, the automakers said Thursday.  At this time, the automakers are still working to identify all the exact models involved in the recall.  The recall mainly affects cars sold by Japanese automakers in North America, Europe and Japan. A small number of cars made by Germany’s BMW AG and General Motors Co. are also involved.  The front passenger air bags all were made by the same parts supplier, Japan’s Takata Corp.  They have faulty inflator mechanisms that don’t route gas into the air bags. Instead, the high-pressure gas can launch plastic and metal parts from the air bags into the cars’ passenger areas. Takata says no one has been hurt, but there have been six incidents of the air bags deploying improperly on roadways.

According to the Washington Post and the CAS:

  • Toyota will have to inspect or fix 1.7 million vehicles worldwide, including about 580,000 in North America, 490,000 in Europe and 320,000 in Japan. The models include the Corolla compact, Matrix hatchback, Sequoia SUV, and Tundra pickup, as well as the Lexus SC 430 sports car. All the vehicles were manufactured from 2001 to 2003.
  • Honda Motor Co. is recalling 1.1 million vehicles worldwide, including about 680,000 in North America, 270,000 in Japan and 64,000 in Europe. Models include the Civic compact, CR-V small SUV and Odyssey minivan from the 2001 to 2003 model years.
  • Nissan Motor Co. is recalling 480,000 vehicles worldwide, including about 265,000 in the U.S. Models include the Nissan Maxima midsize sedan, Pathfinder SUV and Sentra compact as well as the Infiniti FX crossover and QX4 SUV, all from the 2001-2003 model years.
  • Mazda Motor Co. is also part of the recall. About 45,000 Mazda RX-8 and Mazda 6 cars are affected.  The company said recalls will be announced in North America, Europe, China and elsewhere.

Car owners should consult with an authorized dealer for more information concerning the recall.

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By Adam K. Levin, Esquire

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