Ford Recalls Nearly 1.4 Million Cars Because Steering Wheel Can Come Off

(Source:  CNNMoney:  Published 03/14/2018, Isidore, Chris, Web)

A potentially dangerous defect poses serious risk to drivers of certain Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ cars for the model years 2014 through 2018.  Ford reports that the steering wheel on these cars can come loose and even detach from the steering column while driving.  This could cause drivers to lose control and Ford reports that it is aware of two accidents and one injury resulting from this problem.   The recall applies to every make and model of the Ford Fusion and every make a model of the Lincoln MKZ.  The problem stems from steering wheel bolts that can become loose over time.  Ford advises owners of the recalled cars to promptly have their car checked at a Ford/Lincoln dealership where longer replacement bolts can be installed.  The recall covers over 1.3 Million cars in the United States, as well as cars in Mexico and Canada.

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