This is an important safety message being provided by the law firm of Liever, Hyman & Potter, P.C.  As millions of Americans get ready for the Thanksgiving holiday, please be advised that the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued an advisory to all consumers of romaine lettuce. Again, do not eat romaine lettuce at this time.

The CDC has issued a strict and sweeping food safety alert. According to the CDC, since October 8, 2018, 32 people have been infected with E. coli in 11 states after consuming romaine lettuce. No deaths have yet been reported; however, 13 people have been hospitalized with a least one person in critical condition due to complications from the E. coli poisoning. Matthew Wise, the deputy branch chief for outbreak response with the CDC said that the strain of E. Coli associated with the outbreak taking place right now is very dangerous because it damages the kidneys of an infected person and he also noted that the hospitalization rate is higher than past outbreaks of E. coli.

The CDC advises that anyone who has any type of romaine lettuce in their home should not eat it and they should immediately throw it away, even if some of the lettuce was already eaten without anyone becoming sick. The CDC advisory applies to all types of romaine lettuce, including, but not limited to, salad mixes that contain romaine lettuce, in which case because the other types of lettuce mixed with romaine lettuce could become cross-contaminated, the entire mix should not be eaten and should be thrown away. Any area of the kitchen or refrigerator that has been in contact with the romaine lettuce and/or the bag or container containing the romaine lettuce should be washed and sanitized. The CDC advisory applies to restaurants and retailers as well

The lawyers at Liever, Hyman & Potter, P.C., are concerned for the safety of families in Reading, Berks County, PA, Pottsville, Schuylkill County, PA, and throughout Pennsylvania, including Eastern and Central PA and Philadelphia. The lawyers there handle personal injury claims, including claims for injuries or death caused by unsafe and dangerous products.

From the desk of Adam K. Levin, Esquire.


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