FDA announces large pistachio recall due to salmonella fears

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News Brief

NBC Nightly News (3/30, story 9, 0:30, Williams) reported, “A California nut producer is recalling its entire yearly crop of pistachios, over a million pounds of them. And a California processing plant is under investigation for a possible salmonella outbreak. A nationwide recall of mixed nuts and trail mix went into effect last week. Officials have traced the problem to a California company called Setten Farms. There have been no reports of illnesses tied to this batch.”

USA Today (3/31, Weise) reports that California company Setton Pistachio “is recalling 1 million pounds of pistachios distributed nationwide after testing found them to be contaminated with salmonella. The Food and Drug Administration is advising consumers to avoid eating all pistachios and foods containing them until it can confirm which pistachios might be affected.” According to David Acheson, FDA associate commissioner for foods, “there have been no illnesses tied to the pistachios. This step is unrelated to the recall of peanut products tied to a widespread salmonella outbreak.”

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