Consumer Complaint Causes Inquiry Into Air Bags In Chevrolet Impalas

From the AAJ (American Association for Justice) News Brief for John Badal for Monday July 28, 2014. The AP (7/26, Krisher) reports that a petition from Donald Friedman of Xprts LLC, “a Santa Barbara, California, company that examines crashes,” prompted NHTSA to seek additional information from General Motors about air bag failures in some Chevrolet Impala sedans. According to Friedman, he studied an April 2011 crash in Hidalgo County, Texas that severely injured a man and his wife when their 2008 Impala was hit on the passenger side by an SUV and forced into a concrete highway divider. The passenger-side air bag didn’t deploy, causing the man permanent brain injuries, according to a lawsuit filed against GM. He died 10 months later. NHTSA’s inquiry so far hasn’t found any defects, but the agency said it would seek further data from GM “in an abundance of caution.” The automaker said it would cooperate, the AP reports.

Reuters (7/26, Lienert) also reports on NHTSA’s decision Friday to look into the complaint, which directly affects some 320,000 Impalas from model year 2008 but potentially 2007 and 2009 models as well. The news service notes that GM this year has recalled almost 15 million vehicles, including the Impala, due to ignition-switch problems that could cause air bags to fail in a crash.

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