Common Causes of Car Accidents

Thousands of people are injured in motor vehicle accidents every year. However, being aware of the most common causes of collisions and crashes can help make the road safer for everyone. To improve the safety of the motoring public while on the road, take heed of the eight major causes of traffic accidents.

Distracted Driving

One of the most common causes of collisions is distracted driving. When a driver texts on their cell phone or eats a snack, they take their attention away from the road. Even if it is for a split second, attempting to multitask while on the road can lead to a car accident. Drivers need to pay complete attention to the road when behind the wheel, and should pull over if there is an urgent matter to attend to.

Drunk Driving

Slowed reaction times and decision-making problems are just a few of the cognitive impairments that drunk individuals experience. Because of these serious functional issues, driving under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances is a major threat to traffic safety. Lives can be ruined. Drunk driving is a major cause of traffic accidents and the consequences of drunk and impaired driving can be severe for the victims of crashes and for the drunk driver.

Fatigued Driving

Drivers can have trouble staying awake during a road trip or after a long day without rest. Being drowsy makes it difficult to drive safely and focus on the road, and accidents happen when sleep deprived drivers fall asleep at the wheel. Car accidents related to fatigued driving are more likely to occur late at night when people are tired. It is therefore important to be well-rested before heading out on the road.

Poor Weather

Inclement weather creates hazardous driving conditions and is another major cause of traffic accidents. Rain, snow, sleet, and ice make roads slick and slippery and can cause your vehicle to collide with another car. You should also be mindful of foggy weather, which decreases visibility and increases your chances of striking another vehicle or pedestrian. Always take extra caution when heading out on the road in foul weather.

Reckless Driving

You have likely encountered numerous drivers weaving in and out of traffic to get ahead while on the highway. This reckless driving behavior puts the safety of others at risk because it completely ignores the rules of the road. Other examples of aggressive driving include tailgating, ignoring stop signs, running red lights, and refusing to yield the right of way.


One of the most common causes of collisions on interstates and highways is speeding. The faster a driver travels, the less time they will have to react if something goes wrong. Additionally, drivers that speed raise the chances of severe injuries due to the increased force of the collision. Therefore, always obey the posted speed limit, even if you’re in a hurry.

Vehicle Defects

Some accidents may be caused, fully or partly, by a problem with the vehicle itself resulting from a manufacturing defect or as a result of work that has been performed on the car by a mechanic.  When components fail or are defective, accidents can happen, which can result in serious injuries.  Examples of defects causing injuries include airbag defects and seat belt failures.  It is therefore important to have regular maintenance and inspections performed on your car by qualified technicians. 

Wrong-Way Driving

Driving the wrong way is another cause of traffic accidents. It is common sense that when drivers drive down a one-way road the wrong way or drive against traffic on the highway, they increase the chances of a crash. To drive safely, always make sure that you are aware of your surroundings and that you observe the rules of the road.

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