CDC Warns Of Injuries From Inadvertently Swallowing Grill-Cleaning Brush Bristles

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is warning of a potential health risk from grilling that Americans may face this summer.  Persons who grill should be aware of the risk for ingestion of wire bristles from grill-cleaning brushes. They should examine their grills or consider alternative methods or products for grill cleaning to reduce exposure and potential injury. The CDC has advised that medical professionals need to be aware of this injury to facilitate the appropriate diagnosis and treatment.  With the summer grilling season under way, broad awareness of the risk will help medical professionals  to quickly and appropriately diagnose this injury since the bristles are small, and can be quite difficult to visualize on plain x-rays.  Actions to prevent these injuries include increasing awareness among consumers, manufacturers, retailers, and medical professionals to promote prevention, timely diagnosis, and appropriate treatment. Additionally, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) currently is reviewing available grill-cleaning brush–related injury data to determine if an identifiable pattern of product defect could pose an unreasonable risk for injury or death, necessitating a consumer warning, product recall, or other regulatory action.

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By:  Adam K. Levin, Esquire, personal injury and product liability attorney in Reading, Berks County, PA and Pottsville, Schuylkill County, PA.

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