Bad Care Will
Ruin Lives.
Bad Care Will
Ruin Lives.

Medical Negligence, Hospital Negligence and Nursing Negligence.

Sometimes a doctor or hospital can create a problem rather than curing it. Negligent practices cited in law suits include:

  • Poor care
  • Unsanitary facilities
  • Contaminated medical instruments
  • Wrong medications
  • Incorrect therapy
  • Failure to conduct the right tests
  • Failure to properly read and promptly act on test results
  • X-rays that weren’t taken or interpreted correctly

The results can be serious, permanent or even fatal. Perhaps they can’t be reversed, but there are laws in place to help victims and their families put the pieces of their lives and future back together as much as possible. If you feel that you have such a case, contact Liever, Hyman & Potter as soon as possible. One of our experienced lawyers will be immediately available to protect your case, guide you through the entire process, and will deal directly with the doctors, hospital and insurance companies. You’ll pay us no money — not a cent — until we recover money for you, after which our contingent fee will be based on a percentage of the award or settlement that will be clearly defined in the initial agreement to represent you. Unlike most other law firms, our agreement says that you will not have to repay any of the expenses that we may have advanced on your behalf unless we recover money for you.

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